The 2013 Ice Cream Truck Driving Season is Here!!


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North East Ice Cream!

The 2013 Ice Cream Truck Driving Season has started!
We are excited that the 2013 season is underway and
look forward to serving our customers!

We are now accepting application for new drivers.
If you are interested in becoming a driver you can contact us
by calling one of the offices or you can fill out a
“Become a Driver” form and we will be in touch with you!

If you would like to book a truck for an event, there is
a preliminary contact form you can fill out, or you can
call one of our offices. Both are open and we are more
than happy to discuss the particulars so that your event
can be extra special!

We are excited to hit the streets and bring to
you a tasty selection of ice cream and treats.